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TV / Streaming platforms

More than twenty years producing tv shows for foreign companies

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, CNN (USA)
– Travel and cultural show, Local Producer in Buenos Aires S08E07.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, TLC (USA)
– Travel and food show, Fixer in Argentina S03E13.

Somebody feed Phil, Netflix (USA)
-Travel and food show hosted by Phil Rosenthal. S02E03.

Street Food, Netflix (USA)
– Travel and food show presented by local characters who tell their story.

De la Calle, Paramount+/MTV (USA)
– Travel and culture show on urban music around Latin America. Fixer in Argentina.

Planet of Treasures, ZDF (Germany)
– TV show featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites. Iguazu Falls, San Ignacio ruins.

Uncovered, Netflix (UK)
– Documentary on FIFA. Ventureland productions. Producer in Buenos Aires. Remote shoot.

Copa 71 . New Black Films (UK)
– Documentary on First Women World Cup. Interview to former women soccer players. Producer in Buenos Aires. Remote Shoot.

FIFA World Cup Documentary, HBS (UK)
– Coverage of the World Cup finals in Buenos Aires. Producer in Buenos Aires. Saraguina Filmes.

Six Captains, FIFA TV, Netflix (BRAZIL)
– Shoot at eliminatory game Brazil-Argentina. Fixer San Juan Province. Saraguina Filmes.

Monkey Life, Sky Nature (UK)
– Following Dr. Alison Cronin on the relocation of two chimpanzees from the Ecoparque in Buenos Aires to her sanctuary in Dorset, UK. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Romário, O Cara, HBO MAX (BRAZIL)
– Interview Enzo Francescoli for Romario’s documentary. Producer Buenos Aires.

World’s debut, Youtube Originals (USA)
– Documentary on Surf as a debuting sport on Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

TV2 (Denmark)
– Breaking news. Live coverage Diego Maradona’s death.

Wein el heen, MBC1 (Lebanon)
– Travel show of three girls discovering the world, Fixer in Salta and Buenos Aires.

Abenteuer Leben (Germany)
– Travel and food show with Dirk Hoffmann and Achim Müller, Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Un chef a la cabane (Canada)
– Travel and food show with Martin Picard, Fixer in Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

House Hunters International, HGTV (USA)
– Travel and real estate show, Fixer in Patagonia.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel (USA)
– Travel and food show, Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations, Travel Channel (USA)
– Travel and food show. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Explorer, Game of clones, Nat Geo (USA)
– Documentary tv series. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Expedition unknown, Discovery Channel (USA)
– Travel show with Josh Gates. Fixer in Buenos Aires, Misiones and Patagonia.

Bauer such frau, RTL  (Germany)
– Reality tv of ladies dating farmers.

Riphagen, NOS (Netherlands)
– Documentary following Rob Riphagen, son of nazi Andreas Riphagen in his quest in Buenos Aires . Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Secret eats with Adam Richman, Travel Channel (USA)
– Travel and food show. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Rev Runs around the World with Rev Run, Travel Channel (USA)
– Travel reality show. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Food Paradise, Travel Channel (USA)
– Travel and food show. Fixer in Buenos Aires.

Mind of a Chef, Travel Channel (USA)
– Food show. Logistics coordinator in Buenos Aires.

Simpsons 20th Anniversary 3D on Ice, FOX (USA)
– Documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock.

Gap Year South America with Hamish and Andy, Nine Network (Australia)
– Unit production manager and location scouting for 25pfilms.

Dual Survival, Discovery Channel (USA)
– Survival show in Patagonia. Fixer

Naked & Afraid, Discovery Channel (USA)
– Survival show. Local Producer

Ghost Hunters International, Syfy (USA)
– Episode shot at the Eden Hotel and Miramar Hotel. Fixer

Ghost Hunters International, Syfy (USA)
– Episode shot at the Gualeguaychu meat pack factory. Fixer

Expedition Mungo, Animal Planet (UK)
– Expedition reality show shot in Salta, Argentina. Local Producer

What on Earth, Discovery Science (UK)
– Expedition/ science cultural show based on satellite images. Local Producer

Destination Truth, Sy Fy (USA)
– Ucumar in Salta. Local Producer

Destination Truth, Sy Fy (USA)
– Coordination of Antarctica expedition.

Fact or Fake, Sy Fy (USA)
– 2 episodes in Argentina. Fixer

Megaworld, Discovery Channel (Canada)
– Innovations in technology and construction. Argentina episode shot in 7 locations around the country. Discovery Networks.

Daily Planet, Discovery Channel (Canada)
– Live double end interview with satellite feed.

Dinosaurs from Gondwana, ROM (Canada)
– Shot in Patagonia in various locations. Video production for main exhibit en Royal Ontario Museum.

Boneyard with George Saint Pierre (Canada)
– Dinosaur documentary shot in Patagonia

Terror Bird, National Geographic (USA)
– Documentary in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. Creative Differences.

GMO, genetically modified organisms, ARTE (France).
– Documentary on nature.

Nutria documentary, Nat Geo (USA)
– Segment for nature documentary produced by Pangolin Pictures.

Raging Planet II, Discovery Channel (UK)
– Coverage coordination of the eruption of the Chaiten Volcano in Chile. Pioneer Productions.

Eden at the end of the world, National Geographic (USA)
– Logistics of documentary about conservation in Patagonia. Orca Film.

Daily Planet, Discovery Channel (Canada)
– Nature news, opening season show.

New TR, News Agency (Turkey)
– News. Freelance video journalist in Buenos Aires.

Ruptly News Agency, RT (Germany)
– News. Freelance video journalist in Buenos Aires.

Dur Alpha Agency (Saudi Arabia)
– News. Freelance video journalist in Buenos Aires.

TV 2 (Denmark)
– News. Breaking news of Pope Francisco’s election.

NOS TV (Netherlands)
– Production of reports for different news and in-depth journalistic shows.

NOS Journaal, NOS TV (Netherlands)
– News program.

NOVA, NOS TV (Netherlands)
– Special feature for the wedding of Maxima Zorreguieta and the Prince of the house of Orange. Special show with Freek de Jonge.

Peeta Planet TV, Dubai Media Incorporated (UAE)
– Social media travel show, Production of Buenos Aires episode. Qabeela TV.

SF Unterwegs, SF (Switzerland)
– Travel show. Two episodes: Patagonia and North East and West. Schweizer Fernsehen.

Nemas Problemas, OTW. (Sweden)
– Reality Travel show. Coordination in Argentina for Tambo Films, Peru.

Seconds from Disaster, National Geographic Channel (UK)
– Production coordination of interviews + historical footage. Darlow Smithson Productions.

Empire of the Word, TVO (Canada)
– Documentary on the history of reading. Nomad Films.

Tabous & Interdits, TV5 (Canada)
– Docu travel on cultural topics. Anemone Films.

Enfants Prodiges, TV5 (Canada)
– Documentry on prodigy kids. Anemone Films.

Better Homes and Gardens (Australia)
– Customs clearance and working visas for Antarctica expedition. Pacific Magazines.

International Open House, Travel Channel (USA)
– Unique houses around the world.

Furious Pete, Abenteuer Leben (Germany)
– Reality segment on world record quick eating champion. Janus TV.

BBC’s “World’s strictest parents” (UK)
– Reality show. Twenty Twenty TV.

Memories, KRO TV (Netherlands)
– TV show that reunites people all around the world.

Sparlost, TV 4 (Sweden)
– Correspondent for cases in Peru, El Salvador and Argentina.

De Reunie 07, KRO (Netherlands)
– Special show on 1978 worldcup. Production in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

De Reunie 09, KRO (Netherlands)
– Interviews program hosted by Rob Kamphues.

The loneliest man on Earth. (Germany)
– Short documentary for Galileo TV.

From faith to fame, South African Broadcasting Corporation (South Africa)
– Documentary on soccer for the 2010 Worldcup. Cut2black media.

Mission Quest (USA)
– Pilot Docu-travel for CNN’s anchor Tony Harris. Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

No Place Like Home, (Ireland)
– Docu reality. Motive TV.

1976, at five in the afternoon + Back to Europe, Al Jazeera (UAE)
– Two documentaries for the Arab world TV. Subjects: the 70’s in Argentina + emigration from and to Europe. Hot Spot Films.

Somos Uno (Mexico)
-Documentary on local culture for the Arab World, Drax production.

Travels with Rudy Maxa, PBS (USA)
– Travel show. Episode Buenos Aires.

Earthtripping, Equator HD (USA)
– Green travel show hosted by Survivor winner Ethan Zohn.

Ultra Eye, Ultra HD (USA)
– Fashion, design, food, art tendencies show.

Three Sheets. MOJO (USA)
– Drinking culture show in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

Mondo Magic, A&E (USA)
– Magic show. Popular Arts Entertainment.

Web/ Branded Content

From top streaming platforms to personal projects

Facebook SPARK AR (USA)
–  Featuring AR artist in Buenos Aires. Producer. Remote shoot.

Only Today (USA)
–  Conversation for META . Buenos Aires/ Mexico DF. Producer. Remote shoot.

Astra Zeneca (USA)
–  Live show for AZ introducing Dr. Dorry Segev from Buenos Aires. Producer. Remote shoot.

Not-Street Food,  Saraguina Filmes (BRAZIL)
– Branded content series for NOTCO. Producer in Buenos Aires. Remote shoot.

G20 (Saudi Arabia)
– Opening video. Shot remotely during the 2020 pandemic.

Return of Juan Martin del Potro (ATP Tour)
– Segment on the life and training of top tennis player returning to the circuit, Fixer in Argentina.

FIFA2020. Copa90 (UK)
– Argentina segment Copa Libertadores.

Storybooked. Marriot Bonvoy (USA)
– Travel experience with Brady Jandreau in Mendoza for the hotel chain.

Viacom depravation study (UK)
– Producer of videos. Kodemedia

Huntington Disease HDSA (USA/UK)
– Producer of video of young patient visiting the Pope .

Coca Cola (USA)
– Producer of webcast .

World’s Guiness Records. Gilette (USA)
– Live event producer.

Condé Nast (USA)
– Travel videos. Zero Point Zero productions .

J.P. Getty Trust (USA)
– Crew for audiovisual project .

Destination: Team USA, United Airlines / Netflix (USA)
– Local Producer of feature film on the Olympic team, American Airlines and Netflix (USA) .

Sony Hidden (UK)
– Social media campaign, Sony Electronics. Unit 9 productions .

Lambazouk instructional video (USA)
– Pamela Stevenson .

Google Adwords (UK)
– Campaign video for internet.

Top This Place (USA)
– Travel videos for internet.

American Airlines (USA)
-Tour video of Buenos Aires.

Made in Good Airs (USA)
– Internet TV series. Locations.

D.Yee (USA)
– Fictional video for the internet. (Japan – UK)
– Editorial assignment

Photo production

Small to medium size shoots

Made in Global (UK)
– Leather bags catalogue.

Starwood Hotels (USA)
– New lounge club.

This Little Fish (UK)
– CGI.

Ericcson (Sweden)
– Lifestyle photo shoot.

– Photo art book of Buenos Aires.

24HOUR Fitness Center (USA)
– Photo campaign “lifestyle”.

BIANCA (Germany)
– Fashion catalogue winter collection ´06 model, Leticia Birkheuer.

– B Klasse – Photo campaign.

Corporate video

We have been producing corporate video for multinational companies for the past fifteen years. We work with top crew agencies in the US and count on crews in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Bolivia as well.

TV Commercials

Low budget commercials

Pokerstars (UK)
Casting for magic hands, Ronaldo commercial.

Pokerstars (UK, USA)
Partizan / Atlantic pictures
Director: Thomas Hilland

Hyundai (Ukraine)
Pronto Film
Director: Iaroslav Pilunskyi

Nikon (USA)
Bang Productions Singapore
Director: Kim Sung Soo (Korea)

Content sales

We have licensed local footage for international shows

Fuji Network (Japan)
Brad Lachman Productions (USA)
Nash Entertainment for Fox TV (USA)
Adelphia (NBC) (USA)

Photo assignments

As a photographer for international publications

Miami Herald (USA)
Elsevier magazine (Netherlands)
El Espectador newspaper (Colombia)
Folha de Sao Paôlo newspaper (Brasil)
Glamour magazine (Italy)
And other local media

Our portfolio shows our featured projects.

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