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and we travel all around the country

The passion of what we do transfers into our services 

Carola Iujvidin and Gustavo Gordonas are independent producers who offer tailored services for those who want a small structure to deal with their big project.  Efficiency, commitment and responsibility.

A little bit about us

We have been working as fixers for more than two decades. We have worked for production companies and networks from five continents. Our flexibility has given us the ability to explore different genres of production such as food travel, adventure, reality TV, documentary, science, cultural and historical projects as well as live news.

We also have vast experience with corporate video for multinational companies and have reliable and approved crews around Latin America.

Based out of Buenos Aires, we cover the whole country. Also, we have fixer friends in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela with whom we continuously share projects.

We pre-produce with clients and wrap the production with friends.

Our familiarity with

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TV Production


Web content


Corporate video


Commercials and photo shoots


It was an immense joy working with Carola, Gustavo and the local crew they assembled for our production. Carola is exceptionally knowledgeable about the local food and culture scene in Buenos Aires and will go to great lengths to make sure you get just what you need. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Rich Rosenthal, Executive producerSomebody feed Phil, NETFLIX

My experience with iFixit was amazing! Carola & Gustavo are incredibly well organized, knowledgeable, connected, professional, and provide a lovely personal touch. They are supported by a local team that is experienced and extremely personable. There is no doubt that iFixit enhanced our film in every way imaginable. They were able to get things done that seemed impossible to us at the time. I highly recommend Carola & Gustavo to anyone coming to film in BA or Argentina. It was an absolute pleasure!

Dan MarcusStreet Food, NETFLIX

Carola proved to be invaluable as a researcher, translator and fixer for our Discovery Channel team in Buenos Aries. Before our arrival she met with and briefed our interview subjects; she identified and scouted filming locations; and she helped negotiate filming fees. 
On our arrival, she literally saved the production by intervening in a dispute with airport customs officers who were threatening to impound our gear and stop us from working in the country. To this day, we marvel at how she got us out of that very sticky situation.
 During the shoot, Carola impressed everyone with her punctuality, her strong production skills, her vast knowledge of the local political and cultural scene, and, not least, her personal charm and always friendly nature.
 If I am lucky enough to ever work in Argentina again, Carola Iujvidin will be the first person I call.

Doug Crosbie, Producer, CanadaDiscovery Channel

I had the pleasure of working with Carola and Gustavo of Ifixit during our filming in Argentina. Our show is one of content and they immediately understood our filming intentions. In addition, they always had quick answers for us, they were efficient, attentive, detail-oriented, and always willing. In filming, they quickly became members of our production team by their entregents and their kindness. Thanks to them and their contacts, we produced a wonderful show in Argentina because of them.

Heloise Hebert, Productrice au contenuUn Chef á la cabane, Télé Quebec

Carola was simply fantastic. I shoot about 12 one hour shows per year in foreign locations. I have worked in foreign locations for more than 20 years. I can tell you without question, Carola is one of the finest fixers I have ever worked with anywhere. Not only would I hire her again, I'm developing a new show and we're going to add Argentina as a location for that show ONLY because we want to work with Carola again. She's amazing. Great to work with. Understands your needs. Knows how to navigate the local landscape and knows everyone in production in Buenos Aires. Our shoots are complicated with many characters and require very clear and detailed communication. She's tough, smart, sensitive to your needs, budgets, and knows how to get the story. Her ideas are great. She never gives up. Carola's integrity in her work and her honesty are amazing. I completely trust her.

Patrick Jon Weiland, Producer/DirectorBizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel

Back in 2016, I had the chance to work with Carola and Gustavo on a documentary series called Tabous et Interdits. We were interested in a few controversial topics and needed a very professional and dedicated approach to make sure everything would run smoothly on set. This wonderful and energetic duo were the best guides we could ever imagined to work with. Everything was set up before we even arrived in Argentina, and that made our life so much easier. With Carola and Gustavo, everything has been thought and planned before you even realize, they always have a plan B. They also surround themselves with the best team and we always felt we were put in good hands, could it be with the other fixers that were helping out on set or the drivers. We also had the pleasure to collaborate with them on another documentary filmed in 2018 called Enfants Prodiges. Once again, we had a very fun and productive time discovering the wonderful and vibrant Buenos Aires.

Audrey Eve Beauchamp, Producer. Anemone Films, CanadaTabous et Enterdits and Enfants prodiges

Working with Carola Iujvidin as our Producer/Fixer for the Argentina show for Anthony Bourdain's:No Reservations was an extreme pleasure.
 In addition to her excellent producing skills and prompt management of all location/budget and crew needs, she is an amiable and enthusiastic guide to the wonders of Argentina. We will certainly plan future trips with her expertise in mind.

Tracey Gudwin, Producer DirectorAnthony Bourdain No Reservations, Travel Channel

Carola Iujvidin and Gustavo Gordonas were wonderful producers for two documentaries with our celebrity chef Dirk Hoffmann.
The two professionals from Buenos Aires were reliable and punctual. We were able to implement all ideas 100%.
Carola supplied us with drinks, medicine, and we felt that we were part of the Iujvidin family. I highly recommend the Buenos Aires producers to any other TV team.
Thank you Carola and Gustavo for the pleasant and successful cooperation!

Igor Rosenfeld. Senior Producer, GermanyKabel 1/ Janus TV

Carola worked several years for me, organizing the possible and the impossible interviews (the secret for these last: she gives her body and soul to fullfil every production) She has an impressive power of conviction. 
With this mix of urgency, begging and subtle drama she produces miracles and touches even the most contradicted bureaucrats.

Ineke Holtwijk. Journalist correspondent, NetherlandsNOS Journal Television, De Volkskrant newspaper, Elsevier Magazine.
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