“Carola was simply fantastic. I shoot about 12 one hour shows per year in foreign locations. I have worked in foreign locations for more than 20 years. I can tell you without question, Carola is one of the finest fixers I have ever worked with anywhere. Not only would I hire her again, I'm developing a new show and we're going to add Argentina as a location for that show ONLY because we want to work with Carola again. She's amazing. Great to work with. Understands your needs. Knows how to navigate the local landscape and knows everyone in production in Buenos Aires. Our shoots are complicated with many characters and require very clear and detailed communication. She's tough, smart, sensitive to your needs, budgets, and knows how to get the story. Her ideas are great. She never gives up. Carola's integrity in her work and her honesty are amazing. I completely trust her.”

Patrick Jon Weiland
Producer / Director
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel

“Carola is a very 'safe pair of hands' and I am so grateful she was at the helm of our production in Rosario, Argentina. Not only that, but Carola was also great fun. She is witty and intelligent and my only regret is that I didn't get to spend any down-time with her as she was working so hard!”

Fenella Sanderson

“I did work with Carola on the "Terror Bird" episode of National Geographic's series "Prehistoric Predators." Of Carola, I can only say that you should thank your lucky stars that you have found her to work with you in Argentina. In fact, I personally would go out of my way to be able to work with her again.”

Darryl Rehr
Director for
National Geographic

“We had a complicated shoot to plan in Argentina for National Geographic involving a remote location in Patagonia and having to deal with major red tape in a Buenos Aires museum. We are so grateful that we found Carola Iujvidin. She did a wonderful job organizing every apsect of our production. Her attention to detail, her negotiating skills and her great attitude made us feel like we were in the best of hands throughout the pre-production and production periods. Carola is a real gem and i highly recommend her for any shoots in Argentina”

Mary Benjamin
Creative Differences producer for
National Geographic

“Working with Carola Iujvidin as our Producer/Fixer for the Argentina show for Anthony Bourdain's:No Reservations was an extreme pleasure.
In addition to her excellent Producing skills and prompt management of all location/budget and crew needs she is an amiable and enthusiastic guide to the wonders of Argentina. We will certainly plan future trips with her expertise in mind"

Tracey Gudwin
Producer/ Director
Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations
Travel Channel/ Discovery Travel & Living

“In June 2006, we were assigned by a Middle-east based production House to shoot two 45 min. documentaries in Argentina, the destination was considerably far away, and we had a lack of knowledge about the nature of our industry in such a country, we had to research for an experienced and skilled producer to facilitate all the production services we needed in the project.

Assigning Carola Iujvidin to be our local producer in Argentina was a blessing; prior to our arrival to Buenos Aires -and throughout the pre-production phase- Carola was already up to our expectations, we realized that she had a tremendous experience with the ever changing nature of the documentary production, through her consistent schedule updates, understanding the core of the subjects we are tackling and thinking out-of-the-box to reach practical solutions.

Depending on her past exposure to a lot of multi-national productions, she built the appropriate skills to handle such projects, and it shows through her diversity and tendency to perfection.
Another aspect of Carola’s unique performance is related to her creative background; as she has a lot of creative activities such as photography, acting and dancing, those activities were reflected on her interpretation to many different emergency situations, thinking creatively and objectively adds a lot to the project in terms of finding solutions or alternatives, as well as being a second additive creative eye and brain.

No doubt that having Carola Iujvidin as a permanent and trustworthy producer for the region of south America is an irreplaceable advantage to our future projects”.

Marwan Eltouny
Film Director
Hot Spot Films

"Carola is the best producer in the world I have worked with, quick, innovative, punctual etc. She has an answer on every question or problem, nothing is too much and beside that she is a very nice person with a great sense of humour!"

Hannie Reijn - KRO-tv.

“Beyond Carola’s ability to translate your ideas into workable locations, people and situations which she did flawlessly, she understood our budget constraints and figured out how to save not only time but money. I give her abilities to manage everyone she comes in contact with in her country, her ability to move through the maze that Buenos Aires calls its streets and her ability to come in at budget my full support. She is worth every penny or peso."

Jon Seidman, Producer, New York & Los Angeles

“Carola worked several years for me, organizing the possible and the impossible interviews (the secret for these last: she gives her body and soul to fullfil every production) She has an impressive power of conviction.
With this mix of urgency, begging and subtle drama she produces miracles and touches even the most contradicted bureaucrats.”

Ineke Holtwijk. Journalist. Correspondent for:
NOS Journal Television, Netherlands
De Volkskrant newspaper, Netherlands
Elsevier Magazine, Netherlands

“Very reliable!”

Petra Greeven. Producer
NOVA, television

"Carola proved to be invaluable as a researcher, translator and fixer for our Discovery Channel team in Buenos Aries. Before our arrival she met with and briefed our interview subjects; she identified and scouted filming locations; and she helped negotiate filming fees.
On our arrival, she literally saved the production by intervening in a dispute with airport customs officers who were threatening to impound our gear and stop us from working in the country. To this day, we marvel at how she got us out of that very sticky situation.
During the shoot Carola impressed everyone with her punctuality, her strong production skills, her vast knowledge of the local political and cultural scene and, not least, her personal charm and always friendly nature.
If I am lucky enough to ever work in Argentina again, Carola Iujvidin will be the first person I call."

Doug Crosbie
Daily Planet
Discovery Channel Canada





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